Welcome to The Eternals!Edit

Here we can post tips and guides for various Primals, Coils, Dungeons, Bosses, etc. Each guide will have space to put tips for specific jobs and roles. Please contribute!

The biggest thing I want to promote for you, my family, is to do what we can to bring an end to the toxic MMO culture. People react so violently to wanting to try new things, new methods, even if they make logical sense. Don't be afraid to suggest new ideas or to say, "What if we tried....?"

Also, in the guides for fights, it is nice to actually post things that do not work as well as things that do. Basically, we can have "Do" and "Do Not" lists.

Have fun, and remember that you can always ask us for help or advice with anything!


Meet the Eternals Officers Edit

Basic information regarding names and positions of the Eternals crew. This information will span important info on any of the officers you can turn to for help.

Head of the Eternals:

Slash Bloodvane

The Ephermeral Council and Convocation:

Cilia Garrot

Nana Halulu

Wulfiue Yaeger

Dravina Anivard

Dyslexic Jenkins

Dungeon Masters:

Wournsfeik Untawhasyn

Shotonte Trevante

Other Important Members:

Zeke Lorand

Etan (Isan) Shiro

Suranne Virtago

Eternals Events Edit

Free Company scheduled events.

Raid Content Edit

Lead up by the Dungeon Masters of the Eternals. Raid Content includes the Binding Coil of Bahamut and Extreme Primals. There's also the 24-man Raid content. But those are easy enough to run through Duty Finder so we don't make big events out of it.

Visit the Raids for a Realm Reborn

Crafting and Gathering Edit

Information on Crafting and Gathering in regards to the Free Company. This includes gardening and any tips we have accrued for helping you get a start on your Post-50 crafting.

Relic and Other Open World Content Edit

Relic Weapon tools and helpful pieces can be found in this section...