Isan Shiro (Etan) Edit

Isan Shiro

Bio Edit

Isan Shiro, or Etan as the FC calls him, is one of the many diverse characters within the FC, with his quick wit and comical attitude. He has every class except warrior to 50 with high iLvL gear. Helps out with a lot of the endgame raids and fights due to his heighten sense of awareness and speed on the battlefield. He is able to learn mechanics fast, and dodge attacks/aoe's on the cusp of there designated hit space. He is usually the one to give people tips and advice if they are still foggy on a subject or instance. He can help with anything from Guildheists to Final Coils. So if you have a question give Isan a holler.  ;)

Jobs Edit





White Mage

Black Mage




Crafts Edit

Currently leveling all the crafts simultaneously to save Gil and maximize profits.

Skills Edit



Defense Style

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